Battery / Lithium Industry

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.   (CATL)

Amperex Technology Co. (ATL)

SAFT Battery

BYD Battery

BAK Battery

The 18th Institute of China Electronics Technology   Group, Tianjin (CETC)

Tianjin EV Energies Co.

Tianjin Lishen Battery Co.

EVE Energy Co.

Hefei Guoxuan High-Tech Power Energy Co.

Microvast Inc.

China Energy Lithium Co. (Tianjin)

Ultralife Able Battery (Shenzhen)

Anhui Tiankang New Energy Co.

Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co.

Jiangsu Front New Energy Co.

Dongguan Shanshan Battery Material Co.

Sail Battery

Zhongxin Guoan MGL Power Supply   Technology Limited Company (Lithium Battery Plant)

Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia)

American Freeze Dry (Ferndale WA, USA)

Ferngrove Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd. (Australia)

KamikasiI Paintball (Brazil) 

Nanotek Instruments Inc. (Dayton, OH, USA)

General Capacitor (Tallahassee, FL, USA)

Uralteh Import Limited Company (Russia) 

BCH (Hong Kong) Limited

Lithium Battery Production Line, Malaysia

GE Trade Company, Argentina

Lithium Battery Laboratory, Korea

Hyundai Motors, Korea

Pharmaceutical Industry

Huadong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Hangzhou Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd

Zhejiang  Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Lionco Pharmaceutical Group

Zhejiang Tianyitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 

ACON Biotech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd

TASLY Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 

Nanning Fresh Life Biotech Co., Ltd 

Chiatai Qingchunbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 

Spring Town Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd

Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Huisong Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd

Changbaishan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.